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What is EQL? (The artist formally known as SNEAKQL)

A Hype Commerce platform retailers can use to manage the launches of scarce products. EQL prevents sites crashing, slows down scammers, and delivers a launch that is Run Fair.

We recently rebranded from SNEAKQL to EQL. Whilst our origins were in sneakers, Hype Commerce and the need for fairness can be seen across a whole heap of industries and products. Thus the name change to EQL.

Want to build the world's fairest Hype Commerce platform? We are hiring!

We believe that everyone should have a fair chance of getting their hands on the products they love, that’s why we’ve built fairness in.

EQL's smart technology helps deliver a fair draw and supports the rules we live by:
  • Only humans can enter draws: Every entry goes through a multi-step security verification process that confirms you are a human.
  • One entry per person: Entries are deduplicated against unique identification tags.
  • Launches are always secure: We use best in class security protocols and comply with GDPR standards to make sure your information is always safe and secure.
  • It should be simple to enter: Once you have a verified EQL account, entering becomes a breeze.

When you see the {runFair} logo, it's a sign of integrity. It means the technology used and the steps taken by the retailer to run the launch are of the highest standard. The launch has been "Run Fair".

Retailers simply set up their launch on EQL's launch platform. EQL analyses this information then provides a branded hyperlink that is placed on the retailer’s site. This links to your new launch page where visitors can enter the draw for the chance to win. Once the launch closes and it's draw time, that's when EQL's automated draw logic kicks in.

Want to know more, contact us at support@eql.xyz

  1. Go to an EQL powered draw form.
  2. Create an EQL account.
  3. Provide shipping and payment details.
  4. Verify your entry.
  5. Submit.
Your entry is now registered in the draw.

No. You are only charged if you are successfully selected at the close of the draw.

If you are successfully selected, you will be charged the retail price + postage and handling fee you agreed to when submitting your entry. The product will be shipped by the retailer to your specified shipping address.

You will be alerted via sms and email after the draw has closed.

Credit card details help us confirm that you are a real human. They also allow us to check if any fraudulent activity has occurred on the card. It’s a robust security measure that allows us to deliver a fair draw for everyone. Providing your credit details is one of many important steps that confirms your spot in the draw.

No. It does however guarantee you an entry into the draw and a fair chance to win.

Yes. Head back to the launch page and you should see a red button that says 'Cancel my Entry' Click that and you’re now out of the draw.

Verified entries are binding. Once an entry is confirmed, the retailer is automatically advised that you have agreed to purchase the product if you win (as per the terms and conditions). Once a win is allocated to a successful draw entrant the product is no longer available for other customers to buy.

Press the resend button on the verification page.

This is called 3D secure, it confirms with your bank that you are the real card holder. This process ensures that the card is not stolen, or fraudulent activity hasn’t occurred on it previously.

3D secure is managed by your bank. If you are having issues, please contact them. You can also try to switch devices. For example, move from desktop to mobile.

No. The transaction agreement is made between the draw winner and the retailer.

We want everyone to have a fair chance of getting their hands on products they love. More hyped goods in the hands of more people makes everyone feel great. So, only one entry per person per product. That’s the way a fair draw should be run.

Contact us on support@eql.xyz.

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